• Misinformation 1
  • 2006
  • digital print on board
  • 40cm x 190cm
  • Cultural Forum, Lake Grace. Collection of the artist


Wheatbelt Cultural Forum, Temporary Exhibition Space, Lake Grace, WA

Misinformation Billboard Series

These billboards were made in response to the extremist campaign waged by People for the Ethical Treatment (PETA) of Animals, against the Australian wool industry.

Mulesing prevents an estimated 3 million merino sheep per year in Australia from being flyblown or dying from flystrike. In a fly struck sheep, after 48hrs, a bacterial infection occurs and if left untreated causes toxaemia or septicaemia. This leads to a certain painful death. Whilst mulesing is not the ultimate answer, it is better than the alternative suffering of flyblown sheep, until further advances in aminal husbandry are made on an industry wide scale.