Sculpture Inside, Bondi.
  • Cone Invader/Redeemer
  • 2008
  • galvanised wire
  • 40cm x 35cm x 35cm
  • Bondi Pavillion, Bondi, Sydney, New South Wales. Private collection.

Sculpture Inside, Bondi.

Bondi Pavillion, Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Cone - Invader/Redeemer, You want to do What?!! (macquette) 

Cone - Infiltrator/Redeemer refers to the pine tree plantations in the Western Australian state forrests. As I drive up and down to Perth I see rogue pine trees 20kms or more from the plantations that have seeded by dispersal from birds. How long before these pines are naturalised in our forrests?

You Want to do What?!! is the model for my larger outdoor work in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2008.