Ten(T) 2012 PIAF Great Southern Regional Exhibition
  • Ten Discon(tent)ions
  • 2012
  • Canvas, calico, wire, rubber, glue, waxed thread, MDF, wood, found objects, mesh, digital print.
  • 10 pcs @ varying heights x 30cm x30cm
  • Albany Museum, Western Australia.

Ten(T) 2012 PIAF Great Southern Regional Exhibition

em>Ten Discon(tent)ions


Patent - ownership
Extent - measure 
Potential - of migrants
Tenterhook - waiting
Ostentatious - aspirations
Tentatcle - governing principles
Nonexistent - no detention
Detention- full centres
Impotent -futile government
Contents - people of Australia

If the (tent)acle is impo(tent), the po(tent)ial to have an os(tent)atious pa(tent) will rely on the ex(tent) of the nonexis(tent) de(tent)ion of the con(tent)s and wont result in living on a (tent)erhook.

With this work I was thinking about the dilemma of migrants and refugees to our shores. Their journey is one of danger, hope and frustration.  Whether coming by plane or boat, legally or illegally the process of settlement is long and convoluted.These peoples aspirations and hopes rest on the whim of governments.The arm of government handling this issue is impotent and causes the masses to become discontented about the numbers of migration. The percentage of Australians born overseas has remained constant at around 22.5% for the last one hundred years.