Recycled Plastic Totems

A fun and educational workshop that can be tailored to your needs.This workshop involves the community in collecting recyclable plastics and broken toys. We will use them to create bright and funky personal totems that can be placed ouside in the garden. The sculptures will tell a story depending on what pieces are selected and how the patterns and colours are put together.

This workshop is suitable for children from primary age up to lower high school. Some examples are pictured below. Please contact me for further information.


Working with Wire

This workshop gives an overview of working with wire basics, covering the techniques of wrapping, twisting, building armatures and hollow forms for sculpture. It is suitable for all ages from primary students to adults. I can tailor the difficulty of the workshop for each age group. You will complete several small projects during the workshop.

Below are some examples of projects made in previous workshops.

Please contact me for further details.

New workshop coming up

I will be holding a workshop in Ravensthorpe on the 31st March 2012. please contact me directly via email.